Trauma Queen Presents:
Tending the Garden

My name is Jimanekia Eborn. I have been a Comprehensive Sex Educator and Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert for over a decade. This year, I’m expanding upon my mission by creating a retreat specifically for sexual assault survivors who identify as women of color. The experts leading this event are women and femmes of color with decades of experience as sex therapists, sex educators, and facilitators who specifically speak to survivors.


This retreat is for survivors who are looking for community, healing, education, and growth.

This retreat is for marginalized individuals who need to feel seen, supported, and heard in an environment wherein they will be respected and not re-traumatized.

This retreat is a space where survivors are going to be pushed out of their comfort zone and come out on the other side stronger and with a new idea of what a survivor can look like.


Your donation, no matter the size, will go directly towards funding a survivor’s scholarship to attend this retreat with flight and accommodation completely covered. Five nights in Costa Rica with some of today’s most influential and talented wellness experts. Help us provide these deserving women with a sanctuary by clicking the button below today. We are seeking $5,575 to go toward 10 scholarships.


Since I was a child, I’ve known that I wanted to support and protect women who, like my mother before me, had endured traumas that uprooted their lives. This passion led me down several paths from school for criminal justice to work as a rape crisis counselor to more school – psychology this time – to several mental health facilities across California.

Now, several years into my work as a Comprehensive Sex Educator and Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert, I have found my ultimate calling. Spending my days working with survivors – educating them on how to care for themselves, uplifting them out of trauma, and celebrating their strength – is a dream come true.

As an expert in my field and as a survivor myself, I know firsthand the importance of finding healing and community when it comes time to process your trauma. When we can come together as survivors to reflect, reenergize, and regenerate ourselves, the healing magnifies. This is more than mantra; it is my mission.

For every Black woman that reports her rape, at least 15 Black women do not report. Communities of color need this healing. The statistics are staggering and our communities are least likely to be attended to. With a donation of ANY amount, you can be a part of creating this sacred space.



this is a 6-day retreat where individuals will spend time learning:

Mental health tools and techniques – You’ll learn grounding exercises, mindfulness practices, boundary setting, coping skills, plus how to deal with triggers. Supported by an onsite therapist, you’ll also develop an understanding of what PTSD, anxiety, and depression really look like so you can effectively tackle their effects.

Body forgiveness – Develop an understanding about the mind-body connection, how to decipher your body’s signals, body movement techniques to release stuck energy, and how to make checking in with your body a daily practice.

Sexual education – Look forward to reconnecting with your body, rediscovering your voice, and exploring new sexuality streams you may be have been afraid to try. You’ll also learn how to communicate in the bedroom in a way that respects your boundaries and triggers.

Sharing a space to share energy, stories, tears, laughter, and expansion of self with other marginalized survivors will be a life-changing experience. It means that a group of women that are constantly pushed to the side, overlooked, and over-sexualized will finally take center stage. No longer will they feel like a burden for their traumas or be trapped by them. No longer will they feel alone in their healing journeys. Instead, they will finally get to exhale, be themselves fully, and tend to their gardens.



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Femmes of color need spaces like this to heal. Having spaces like these are crucial. I am so excited to be creating this event and I appreciate any donation you can make. If you or someone you love believes in supporting survivors of assault, please share with friends, businesses, and individuals - copy and paste the info below for twitter, facebook, or to share on IG Stories with the link as swipe up:

This retreat for survivors of assault is so necessary! Please click through to donate to these efforts by @Jimanekia - scholarships for women of color who NEED THIS healing:

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